Logistics Service in All Europe!

Many people have dilemmas and difficulties because the market demands and expectations are much wider.

Having a sense of today's changes and priorities in higher insurance and protection from global developments we are deeply focused to create and maintain an efficient commercial service and complete logistics cover for the Client.

We take the case in detail and each job is meant as a new challenge. We fulfill customer orders with utmost dedication and commitment.

Logistics services from our company are:

  • Responsible for developing and improving supply chain infrastructure, including distribution and transportation center.
  • Responsible for achieving improvements in operational efficiency, as well as for the implementation of any new system/protocol that reduces costs and improves the quality of work.
  • Reviewing and updating the strategy/procedures under the main objective of business development enabling optimal functionality.
  • Planning and monitoring of logistics assets and infrastructure.
  • Responsible for tracking and fulfilling all transportation and field movement needs.
  • Communicating with Vendor to ensure schedules/deadlines are met.
  • Planning of transport modes, routes and assignment of cargo to quantity.
  • Monitoring the cost of transportation.
  • Organization and coordination of the activities of the departments (Warehouses, Transport, etc...).
  • Locating business partners, suppliers and manufacturers with the best professional reputation and with the best price-quality ratio, to cooperate.
  • Business development by reducing costs, winning new contracts, analyzing problems and achieving new logistics solutions.
  • We solve the emergencies that arise efficiently and as practically as possible.
  • We perform other functions...


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